Ordinary Everyday

After a week of not being able to post anything here, I’m glad to say that my mind’s got into new twisted thoughts again…
Earlier today, my partner-in-crime and I (Whom I guess you know by now) took off into another trip together. It’s a new place here in the country and since it was situated in the metro we decided to see it for ourselves.
The Mind Museum…
The Mind Museum is a newly developed tourist (both local and foreign) attraction here in the Philippines. Its building design is curvilinear and not at all squarish — also, it appears to be the shape of the human brain. This museum stands inside the well-planned off urban area in Taguig, specifically Fort Bonifacio. It stands with so much beauty, landscaped with the art of green and spacious design.
My sister and I went there not knowing where exactly it was in the first place. However, it exhaled so much difference that I for one could tell by its distinctiveness that it could have been it. We turned around the area and asked the guard where the Mind Museum was but the funny thing was, as we moved closer to the guard standing by that sidewalk, we saw the name. “THE MIND MUSEUM AT TAGUIG.” So instead, we asked the him where we could park. HAHAHA!
What I wore today…
I simply put on a comfortable outfit earlier today. Well, shirt, jeans and shoes has always been my sole outfit of “everyday” — most likely when in school. But outside school, I choose to dress up more.
I prefer comfy clothes when I’m out and discovering new places. So today, I put on my light cloth sleeveless with designed feathers from Forever 21, denim shorts which my mom picked out for me, a pair of flat, open shoes with light brown and white combination and my 5 year old brown Kimbel sling bag. :)
Oh, I also brought my shades with me since I expected it to be a sunny day however, it turned out to be otherwise. :)
So here starts our adventure for today…
Oh but before that, here’s a short acknowledgement. :) A friend of mine reminded me last night after I tweeted about today, that I must bring my school ID — for students had discount prices. (Oh, the beauty of being a student).
So, as we were packing up this morning, I told my sister to bring her ID too. The price for regular adults costed 600 bucks, but since we had our UP ID, we paid less than half of 600, which is 150 bucks!!! AWESOME! So, to all students there, do not ever forget the value of having your ID with you all the time! :)) (kidding, but jokes are half meant true, your choice to take — specifically Public students) :)
After paying for our ticket, the lady told us our time slot for our Museum tour will be 3:00-6:00pm. It was still 2:30pm, so we had 30 minutes for us to enjoy the view outside.

3:00pm, Into the Mind Museum…
My ticket ready at hand, I enter the glass sliding door and my sister behind me took the picture below. We still had about 10 minutes before we could go into the museum proper. We lined up where the rest of the people having the same slot with us. Then, after 10 minutes, someone started speaking… or should I say,something started speaking. It was Aedi, the museum robot!!! HAHAHA so hilarious. Oh, and not to mention the name… Aedi — synonymously the same with my name, Aedriane (just saying). :)
Our first stop…
The outer space — Planetarium. So what happened here was, we watched a 15 minute show about the scientific beginning of the earth and the unpredictable elements of the outer space. It was such a comfy 15 minute start in the museum since we had to lie down on the floor couches while viewing the film flashed into the ceiling. It also had that — in all honesty, dizzy — 3D effect without the 3D glasses.  After the show in the Planetarium, we moved on to the next and last show of the museum… the 3D with 3D glasses show on the Earth’s hourglass. My sister and I were somehow lucky for the next show had the capacity of accommodating 50 people, and I was the 50th. :)

The film was produced by local filmmakers. It was about the scientific of life here on Earth. In all honesty, though I’m not quite of a science-excelling-person, I have the patience to learn and appreciate it in some ways. :) Going back, the film was pretty hilarious aside from the given fact that it was educational. In addition to its humor, the whole 15 minutes inside the cinema was a laugh. The lady in front of me kept jerking back and covering her face — HAHAHA the thought of removing your glasses off your face and looking at her jerking off with no existing reason was really funny. (But I didn’t laugh myself out, my mind did that for me to avoid insult). HAHA!
After the show, we moved out and about the remaining areas of the museum.
What else was left to see? 
What else was left to try? 
And here’s the funniest thing we tried! Van de Graaff  Generator!!!

There were a couple of people, around 10, who were waiting for their turn to use this machine. It was such a laugh and comical experience for both of us. (Must bring the rest of my family back here). What a lifetime of laughter! :)

Well, that was just less than half of the photos I took and it seemed good enough to blog about how great today was. Blown away. Today was so much worth it. :)
After resting, my sister and I had early dinner, but it wasn’t the end of our day yet. We drove off to the other side of the metro — SM North — well, to check out the cost for my laptop battery renewal. :)
Nothing much happened on the way… except that, we planned for our next legit photoshoot. :)

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