The Ruins

The Taj Mahal of Negros Occidental
@ Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

The genuine beauty of Architecture shines over time.

IMG_0735 IMG_0739 IMG_0740 IMG_0741 IMG_0742 IMG_0743 IMG_0744 IMG_0745 IMG_0748 IMG_0749 IMG_0750

All photos taken with an IPhone 4s and post processed by me.

Passing time

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I don’t really know where to begin when describing this day. So many things have come to a conclusion for this year in school, and weighing all the results have been both a frustration and excitement. It sounds to contradicting when I say “frustration and excitement”, how can I possibly feel that way about two adjacent situations — but I just did.

Anyway, I don’t want to go deep down into that right now, life goes on and there are some things one shouldn’t really dwell upon when you’ve come to the right state of thought.

Later today though, I am extremely looking forward to take the flight home. Time flies by so fast in my urban life and I just can no longer wait to reunite with everything and everyone, who and that is or are at home. :) Oh, now that I’ve mentioned it, in 12 days I am to rename this blog site. Well, you know I am the type of person who cannot literally keep a wallpaper for a week. I love change. Sometimes it makes me feel like I keep moving on and I come to be the better person I am yet to be. Anyway just a random thought at the back of my head — Urban Life today, Rural always. Hahaha! Kidding, I don’t really know what to name this site yet, but the time will come — then I’ll know. :)

Gotta pack up my things, good night world!

Just love

(Or rather should I say, Just a ONE-SIDED love) :)) Haha

I made a wonderful friend really happy yesterday. :) Just had to post this here because I also love it myself. The composure of her photo and Tom’s, which I got from Google (no copyright infringements intended — just had to greet a friend yesterday) went really perfect.


Compared to mine below. Hahahaha! Sorry but I’ve been really loving Brenton Thwaites a lot. He’s definitely a Hollywood star to look out for! :) Aren’t we just lovely? Haha kidding.


I guess, that’s all for tonight, just dropping by some thoughts. :) G’night world!

Keep Living


Each day is a day in making. At any moment, you can make a different choice about what you are doing, how you are feeling, and what you are focusing on. It is never too late to start over again and make new choices.

It may have been at this point of my life, when I have made a million-folds of choices — that have filled me with both regrets and extreme happiness. Times of countless decisions pondered for very long hours or just right in the spur of a moment. But never will these be recounted and changed. Yes, it may never be too late to start over again, however it is also never good to just keep starting over and over and no longer moving on. Life isn’t perfect, it is lived in such a way that both good and bad things will continue to hone you into the stronger person that you are. Although, I can say now I have never faced that bizarre mistake at any moment now, but it never stops me from always hoping and praying that, that path, will never intertwine with mine.

I think life comes in a very fluid way, precise but unexpectedly. Live day to day, dream for the future, learn and be better than the past. Life is indeed filled with surprises, you have to come always prepared for shortcomings, breakdown in failures, but also stronger in the next challenges and fulfil promising dreams.

And in this world, you carry yourself, along with inspiration from family, strength by experiences, and for some, faith in Him.

Yes, each day is a day in making and at any moment you just keep living.